Meal Prep – Week of July 19th

Breakfast – green smoothie
Lunch – pizza
Dinner – teriyaki chicken with stir fry
Snack – cauliflower pretzels with chocolate dip

Bento Box Guide

I’ve always been interested in Bento Boxes. If you’ve never heard of a Bento Box, it’s a meal consisting of a variety of different foods typically served in a box. The concept is Japanese in origin, but has gotten popular in the U.S. over the past couple of years. I like Bento Boxes because theyContinue reading “Bento Box Guide”

Healthy Snack Guide

The key to avoiding unhealthy choices is having healthy snacks on hand.  I always get hungry between meals, so I like to make sure I prepare. If I’m not prepared I will more than likely end up grabbing something that isn’t very healthy. Follow along for some of my favorite healthy snacks to keep onContinue reading “Healthy Snack Guide”