Guide to Coping with Stress

My guide for coping with stress in a healthy way

Accidental Cheat Day

The last few days have been rough when it comes to having control of my eating. I had been doing so well. On Tuesday afternoon I had a little bit of weakness and had 2 treats instead of 1. On Wednesday I had an accidental cheat day and I was not happy with myself whenContinue reading “Accidental Cheat Day”

Black Bean Brownies

Today I decided to try a healthy guilty pleasures recipe…black bean brownies. If you like dark chocolate you will love these! I was worried they would have a black bean taste, but there is no hint of black beans. Follow along for this super simple delicious recipe. Find the full recipe here: I madeContinue reading “Black Bean Brownies”

Favorite Gadgets

Below are my favorite gadgets for staying healthy! I use these weekly. What are your favorite kitchen gadgets to use? I love my cold press juicer! It extracts so much more juice than my old juicer and it keeps more of the nutrients than centrifugal juicers. The cold press juicer does take a little bitContinue reading “Favorite Gadgets”