Berry Overnight Oats

My recipe for a berry overnight oats with the strawberry lemon Vital Proteins

Turn your Bad Habits into Good Habits

I recently read Rachel Hollis’s book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and was so inspired. If you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it! It was something that really helped inspire me to keep pushing towards my goal to grow this blog. One concept that I wanted to explore was building habits. Follow along as IContinue reading “Turn your Bad Habits into Good Habits”

What leads to eating when you’re not hungry

Eating when you are not hungry is a very common problem. If food is meant to fuel your body, then why do we reach for food when our body has already had plenty of fuel? Follow along as I share some reasons I’ve found make me reach for food when I’m not hungry. With eachContinue reading “What leads to eating when you’re not hungry”

Fear of wasting stuff

Growing up so many things from my parents stuck in my head. If I left any food on the plate they would say something. They encouraged me to eat it so I didn’t waste food. If I grabbed an apple to eat they would scold me if I only ate half of it. If IContinue reading “Fear of wasting stuff”