Benefits of Sleep

All of us sleep, but have you ever thought about why? What does sleep do for our body? I have been getting back into a normal routine lately and getting used to waking up earlier to workout so I have been tired. I decided to do some research about why sleep is so important. AlthoughContinue reading “Benefits of Sleep”

Accidental Cheat Day

The last few days have been rough when it comes to having control of my eating. I had been doing so well. On Tuesday afternoon I had a little bit of weakness and had 2 treats instead of 1. On Wednesday I had an accidental cheat day and I was not happy with myself whenContinue reading “Accidental Cheat Day”

Guide to Staying on Track

It is easy to stick to making healthy choices when you are in your normal routine.  However, things like vacation, holidays, and a busy week throw off the normal routine and require a little extra work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Allowing yourself some indulgence is ok, but it is important to limit those unhealthyContinue reading “Guide to Staying on Track”