What is Success?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about what success is. Success is different for everyone. There are so many types of success. There’s financial success, health success, emotional success, and more. I find it helpful to inventory what I am successful at and what I can do to become more successful in other things.

One way I feel like I am successful is that I am financially stable. I am able to support myself and live a comfortable and healthy life. I may not be able to buy everything I want, but that’s ok. Success has a different definition for everyone.

One way I feel I could improve is by improving my will power. I find myself giving into cravings and binging . I have become more successful than I was in the past, but I feel like I am not successful in this regard.

Another thing I want to become more successful at is confidence. Lately I haven’t been where I want to be with how my body looks. I want to be able to feel confident about how I look and not constantly worry that people are judging the parts of my body I feel most insecure about. Part of this is going to be working on those parts of my body and part of this is going to be realizing that it doesn’t matter what others think of my body.

Finally, I am working on making successful decisions. Today I had planned on eating very light. Those plans changed when we got lunch ordered for us at work. The place is known for their pizza and breadsticks, but I decided to go for a salad. I am thankful I am becoming more successful at making better decisions. I am also becoming more successful at stopping eating when I am full.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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