Essential Oils Guide

Although there is no hard scientific evidence supporting the benefits of essential oils, they are still widely used. The 2 most common ways to use essential oils are rubbing it on your skin and absorbing it into the bloodstream or diffusing it into the air and inhaling it. Although safe in most cases, experts and testimonials agree that overuse can cause many dangerous side effects.

Essential oils work by sending messages to the part of the brain that controls emotions. Scent can be very influential on emotions and is very intuned to memories. Below, I will talk about what to look for when choosing essential oils and I will share some of the scents I like the most.

What to Look For

Even though the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to look for when you are choosing which brand to go with.

The first thing to look at is the bottle. Quality essential oils are sold in tightly sealed dark colored bottles. The dark color of the bottle protects the oil from light damage. It is also important to never buy essential oils in a plastic bottle, always go for glass bottles. Genuine essential oils do not mix will with plastic.

The next thing to look at is the label. A genuine essential oil’s label should state the common AND Latin name of the plant, what parts of the plant were used, how it was extracted, and how it was grown. The label should also state “100% pure essential oil” and list the metric measurements of each component.

The next thing to look for is the source. A genuine essential oil should state exactly what country it comes from or include a lot # that can be used to look up the origins.

There are 3 signs to look for when it comes to determining whether an essential oil is fake:

  1. Fragrance – any label that comes out and says “fragrance oil” is not a genuine essential oil
  2. Latin Name – if no Latin name is present, the oil is not a genuine essential oil
  3. Price – if it is a very low price you should be weary. A good price range to stay in is $11-$26

My Favorite Essential Oils

A lot of times I will buy essential oil blends focused on stress relief. After doing the research about what to look for I should probably check the labels of the oils I have on hand. Below are some of my favorites essential oils and their benefits.

Grapefruit – relieves hangovers, increases energy, and improves digestion

Lavender – promotes relaxation and reduces insomnia

Peppermint – reduces headaches, pain, and stomach issues

Sandalwood – reduces anxiety and improves sleep

As always I recommend doing your own research and taking my advice for what it is…an amateur wanting to share what she has learned about wellness. I am by no means an expert.


Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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