Taking Care of Others Takes Care of You

Have you ever heard of an emotional support pet? They are prescribed to people to help them ease the symptoms of conditions they may have. The main conditions people get emotional support pets for is anxiety and depression. My cats aren’t classified as emotional support pets, but the definitely support me emotionally.

I think one way emotional support pets help is they give you a purpose. When I am having dark feelings and my cats come up to me to pet them, they give me a purpose and I feel a little better. It gives me joy to take care of them and make them happy.

Emotional support pets help support my anxiety because they give me something to focus on when I am having anxious thoughts. Just like fidget toys, petting my cats gives me something to do with my hands and helps take my mind off of the anxiety. It allows me to take a breath and relax.

What inspired this post wasn’t my cats, it was actually plants and flowers. I recently got into plants and bought about 8 flowers. I get so much joy from taking care of them and seeing them bloom. I recently started a couple from scratch and they just started blooming. I am so excited to see them grow and flourish. I did spinach and kale so I am excited to develop my patience and get to eat them in a couple months!

It is important to find things you enjoy. I have found that I enjoy taking care of others. By taking care of others I am giving myself happiness. Giving others happiness is such a great feeling. Taking care of others may not be your thing, so I challenge you to find something you enjoy doing and do it! By doing an activity you enjoy, you will be a happier person.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Others Takes Care of You

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your understanding about how caring for others is a way to care for yourself. The way I view it the way you treat others is how you treat yourself. Kindness to others extends inwards as well as out. The same is as true for anger or hatred. You give fuel to those feelings within yourself by acting on them. Love and kindness win the day. Thanks for sharing.

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