Plan Your Cheat Meal

I typically like to have a couple cheat meals a week. They help me avoid binges the rest of the week because I see my cheat meals as a reward for not binging. I used to just look at my cheat day as a day to eat whatever I want…but what I have found is I can influence that decision by planning ahead of time.

Last week I was getting towards the end of the week trying to figure out what I wanted for my cheat meal. My go to is typically Mexican food…specifically chips and queso with a margarita. I decided that instead of ordering from a Mexican restaurant, I would make my own chorizo queso. The more I thought about the meal, the healthier I made it in my head. When I started, I imagined eating enough to make me sick and continuing eating after that point. As the week went on I decided I would start with a small amount and make more if I was still hungry. When I went grocery shopping for the ingredients I opted for a healthier chip option.

Because I had been thinking about that cheat meal all week, I talked myself out of the most unhealthy version I could think of and instead thought about ways I could feel satisfied with a guilty pleasure while making it healthier. I have not decided what I want my cheat meal to be this week, but I do want to start thinking about it soon so I can slowly talk myself into a healthier version!

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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