Negative Calorie Meal Planning

The Negative Calorie Diet is built around the cycle of a 10 day cleanse and 20 days of the “All You Can Eat” plan. Because I am not quite ready to try a 10 day cleanse, I decided to share how to plan for the 20 day phase of the Negative Calorie Diet.

The Negative Calorie Diet allows for 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. The snack can be eaten whenever you feel hungry for it. Each meal follows a similar configuration:

2 or more Negative Calorie Foods + 1 Lean Protein + Small Amount of Fat

Breakfast is important because it keeps away hunger pangs until lunch. Typical breakfasts on the Negative Calorie Diet include a smoothie, eggs and fruit, and oatmeal with fruit.

Lunch on the Negative Calorie Diet is typically salad packed with plenty of veggies and a lean protein with a little bit of fat.

Dinner on the Negative Calorie Diet is typically some sort of lean protein with a negative calorie veggie and a soup or salad.

Snacks are important because they help avoid ravenous hunger pangs throughout the day.

The Negative Calorie Diet book contains so many recipes. I hope to share many of those with you along with some of my own. Stay tuned next week for how to plan your own 10 day cleanse. Also, stay tuned in the future for a couple weeks worth of negative calorie meals with my recipes and some of the recipes from the book modified to fit my tastes.

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I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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