Healthier Fast Food Options

I try to avoid fast food at all costs, but sometimes I am still faced with eating fast food and I never know what to get. I decided to do a little research to help any of you that may be struggling with the same tough decisions.

To start, it is perfectly ok to eat fast food. A little indulgence is good for you every once and a while. However, it’s good to get in the habit of choosing a healthier version of whatever your indulgence of choice is.

Skip the Sugary Drinks

Instead of ordering sugary sodas choose water or club soda(a large coke is 290 calories). You wouldn’t believe how many calories large sodas have. I cut out pop a long time ago and haven’t craved it since. If you need the carbonation, switch to club soda. If you are doing a fast food breakfast, opt for black coffee instead of adding milk and sweeteners.

Go for a smaller size

Instead of getting the largest burger and largest fries, think about it. Will a small burger and small fries be enough food to keep you full? For some people it may not be, but it’s important to think about eating just enough to fill you up. Do you really need the 10 piece nuggets(420 calories), or will 6 be enough(250 calories)? Do you need the full sandwich, or are you stuffed by eating half? Stop eating when you are full. A lot of the articles I found recommended skipping the fries, but my suggestion instead is to order the small fry(220 calories). I will probably still eat the whole container, but at least it isn’t as many calories as the large size(490 calories).

Go Easy on the Sauces

It’s crazy how many calories the sauces add. Ranch at McDonald’s has 170 calories. Think about how many calories mayo has. That can have a huge caloric increase on burgers. When choosing your meal, avoid adding any extra sauces.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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