It’s OK to be Selfish

Lately I have realized that I need to focus more on myself. If I don’t fill up my cup I can’t fill up the cup of others. My goal is to help others with their journey to wellness, so I am much more likely to be able to do that if I am taking time for myself to be well. It is very important to take time to yourself to make sure you are mentally healthy. Protecting your mental health is not selfish, it is healthy. As long as you aren’t negatively affecting others, it is perfectly fine to focus on you.

It is also OK to be selfish when it comes to going for your dreams. I have always dreamed of making a living doing something I love. Recently I have realized I love sharing my journey to wellness. I am looking to take this journey to the next level someday. To do that I may need to focus on myself and be selfish, but that’s OK. I am working towards my goals and filling my cup up so I am able to help others with their journeys.

As of right now I have only shared my journey with 2 people that I know personally. I know I will need to share the journey with more people someday, but I am scared that they will think my journey is stupid. I honestly don’t think my parents will be supportive, so I am looking to build my confidence and build this blog before I share my journey with them.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

2 thoughts on “It’s OK to be Selfish

  1. It’s an odd juxtaposition that we live in a culture that’s very individualistic, yet there’s social messaging that it’s selfish to put yourself first. No one would ever succeed at doing anything if they didn’t put themselves first at least some of the time.


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