Embracing the Hamsa

Recently I have been really into buying things that have symbols that mean something. I like to be able to wear something that when I look at it throughout the day it makes me feel better. I discovered the Hamsa and really like what it symbolizes, so I have purchased a couple pieces of jewelry with the Hamsa on it.

The cool thing about the Hamsa is that it has many meanings to many people. I love things that symbolize many things because I can personalize how they make me feel. For example, Judaism believe that the Hamsa reminds us that God is in everything we do. I really like this belief because it is comforting to think of a higher power being involved in everything I do. Christianity believes the Hamsa symbolizes strength and femininity. I am always looking for ways to build a stronger mind.

Another source I found said that the Hamsa is believed to protect people from the evil eye and to bring goodness, abundance, luck, and good health. A lot of people wear the Hamsa believe in a higher power and are at a crossroads in life. This is perfect for me because I am at a crossroads in life and looking for a higher power to get me through. Having the reminder of a Hamsa on my wrist or around my neck helps me become centered and focus on my journey. It is also believed that the Hamsa protects you from outside influences that are out of your control. This helps me focus on what I can control and push away the worries about what I can’t control.

There are two ways the Hamsa is shown: hands up or hands down. Hands up is opening yourself up to the goodness of the universe and welcoming it into your life. It brings answers to your prayers. The fingers are closed in hands up to bring good luck. Hands down is protecting yourself from evil. It helps protect you from negative thoughts. The fingers are opened in hands down to ward off evil.

While researching the Hamsa I learned that it is believed to protect from the evil eye. Because the evil eye was mentioned quite a bit, I decided to do a little research about what the evil eye is. Based on my research it seems like the evil eye seems to represent sins. The Hamsa is important for protecting yourself from committing those sins. I use the Hamsa to protect myself from sin by physically touching my bracelet and necklace and being mindful about the sin I might be about to commit.

I am always looking to improve myself, so below I have outlined specific aspects of the seven deadly sins that I am looking to get past.

Gluttony – I am working on not binge eating

Greed – I am working on getting better at sharing

Sloth – I am working on being less lazy when I get home from work

Wrath – I am working about not getting annoyed as easily

Envy – I am working on focusing on what I have and not what others have

Pride – I am working on being a humble person and not bragging about what I have

I would love to hear what you are working on! Comment below!



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I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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