A day in my life

I start the day by getting out of bed around 6am and think about positive thoughts. Positivity helps me get in the right mindset to start my day. Next I review my list of goals that I want to focus on everyday. Then I make my bed and clean the litter box. I find that if I make a habit out of these tasks I am more likely to stick to them, so I complete these everyday whether it’s the weekend or a weekday. After I make my bed and clean the litter box, I workout. Typically I allow myself 1-2 days a week to be a rest day. I don’t like to plan the rest day in advance because it’s typically happens naturally with my schedule on the weekends. Next, around 7am I shower and get ready for work. Before work I eat breakfast and get my snacks ready for the day. If I have time I might work on blogging or relax before I need to leave for work. I typically leave for work around 8:30 and get home around 5:30.

At work my day to day tasks vary. What’s typically constant is that I will have a snack around 10:30, eat lunch at 12, then another snack around 2:30 and leave at 5.

When I get home from work I start making dinner and typically eat around 6. I’ll typically take about half an hour to myself then work on blogging, reading, cooking, meal planning, or posting clothes for sale on Mercari.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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