Cheat Meals vs Cheat Days

Cheat days can be seen as good and bad. They are good because they give you a chance to indulge after a week of eating healthy. They are bad because if I go overboard I end up hating myself. It’s very fitting that I planned this post for right now because yesterday I had one of those cheat days that put me in a really bad place. I hated myself so much and I was in a very dark place. As I write this, I am hoping the reflection helps me move past the dark feelings in a healthy way.

I had originally planned this post in my head to be about “Refeed Days.” Refeed days are like a cheat day, but they are done in a controlled manner. I was going to write about how I was going to plan my “cheat days” as “refeed days.” By being in control of the days I wasn’t eating as healthy, I was never going to binge eat again.

Instead of talking about refeed days I am going to talk about having a cheat meal or snack instead of an entire day. I had done some research on refeed days, but with my binge yesterday I want to talk about my thoughts and feelings about this subject. . Some things are better when they come from the heart.

My journey has been a roller coaster since I have begun. It has been full of several days of healthy eating followed by binges that turn into a day of regret. I believe those binges have come from being too restrictive. I eat so healthy then all of my cravings build up and I give into them all in one day. I make myself sick then I hate myself. I need to plan ahead so that I don’t need cheat days.

By giving myself cheat meals I will be able to satisfy my cravings and also stay on track during the rest of the day. If I allow myself to indulge more while also eating healthy I won’t hate myself as much. The hard part is sticking to one meal. I am hoping I am able to try this concept and stay on track.

I will start by planning ahead with my meals as I do every week. On the weekends I will allow myself to eat out for one meal per day, or have an extra snack or indulgence. The rest of those days I will stick to normal eating. I am hoping by having a plan and not restricting myself I will be able to stay away from binges. By giving into cravings as they happen, those cravings won’t grow into something more.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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