My Favorite Healthy Snacks

If you’ve read some of my blog posts, you may have noticed that I love snacks! Although I typically like to eat fruit or make my own snacks, sometimes store bought healthy snacks really hit the spot. What are your favorite healthy snacks to buy?

Beanitos are a great alternative to tortilla chips. Compared to traditional tortilla chips, beanitos have fewer calories, more protein, and more fiber. Reach for these next time you want a healthy alternative to tortilla chips.

Bada Bean Bada Boom is a great alternative to chips or pretzels. They offer the same crunch you crave, but have fewer calories and more protein. These crunchy beans come in a variety of different flavors and can be purchased in individual 100 calorie bags to help limit consumption.

Halo Top is a high protein, low calorie ice cream. One pint ranges between 280-380 calories. Halo Top also offers dairy free options and ice cream bars. Recently they launched a keto line with 5-10 g of net carbs per pint. Lately, I’ve been noticing other brands come out with lower calorie pints of ice cream, but I haven’t tried any brands other than Halo Top.

Popcorners are a low calorie crunchy snack. They are the perfect combination of popcorn and chip. Popcorners come in a variety of different flavors and are the perfect alternative to chips. They offer sweet and savory options so there’s always a flavor to suit your cravings.

Nuts’n More is a delicious peanut based dessert spread. It may not be low calorie, but it’s a great alternative to traditional dessert spreads with a low amount of nutrition. I’ve only tried the cookie butter flavor so far, but it’s delicious! It’s a great alternative to the traditional unhealthy cookie butter. There are so many flavors offered like cookie dough, toffee crunch, chocolate hazelnut, salted caramel, and so many more!

This is probably my favorite brand/flavor of popcorn. Smartfood offers air popped popcorn. Air popped popcorn is better for you because is is popped with air instead of oil. A lot of other air popped popcorns on the market don’t have much flavor. Smartfood’s popcorn is exploding with a delicious white cheddar flavor. I definitely recommend trying this brand if you like popcorn.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. I like Smartfood popcorn too, but I feel like the company tries to imply that it’s healthier than it is. Air-popped popcorn is all well and good, but when vegetable oil is number 2 on the ingredient list, it seems a bit misleading.

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