Smoothie Guide

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but I haven’t had time to make a smoothie in a while. I felt like this guide needed an example of a smoothie recipe with it, so I wanted to wait until I had time to make a smoothie to post this guide.

I will share the smoothie recipe in a separate post, but in this post I will share my guide for creating your own smoothie recipe. Smoothies are very customizable, so use this guide to play around with the recipe to your taste.


The perfect mix for a smoothie is liquid, protein, fiber, greens, and fruit. You can also add any extra vitamins or supplements.


The liquid is important because it holds everything together. Without the liquid, the smoothie won’t blend together smoothly. The liquid needs to be a neutral base to tone down the other flavors and bring them together.


The protein is important because it helps boost your metabolism and burn more fat. I have been using unflavored protein, like Vital Proteins Collagen, but you can always add an extra flavor like chocolate or vanilla.


The fiber is important because it helps you stay fuller longer. Fiber helps give the smoothie a little more body. It also helps slow the absorption of sugar and keep your digestive system running smoothly.


Greens are optional, but I have grown to love the flavor, so I always like to include them. Greens add a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are so good for you.


Fruit adds body and a little bit of sweetness and flavor to the smoothie. Fruit also adds plenty of extra vitamins and minerals. I typically make fruit the frozen component of my smoothie. You can either buy the smoothie already frozen or freeze it yourself. If you freeze it yourself, make sure you freeze it on a sheet tray first so the fruit doesn’t freeze into a big clump.


Extras can be vitamins and supplements, or a little extra flavor. These make the smoothie just a little more nutritious.

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