Meal Prep – Week of April 12th

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared a meal plan. Life has been crazy and hasn’t really allowed for much planning since I never really know what’s going on with my schedule. I don’t have a grocery list to share for this week, but I do want to share some tips and my prep for the meals I will eat this week.


For breakfast I will be sticking with protein shakes and almond milk. Protein shakes are a convenient way to stay full until lunch. They are probably the only thing I’ve found that can keep me full until lunch. Typically a container will last me 2-3 weeks, so even though it seems expensive when you are buying protein, you won’t have to worry about buying food for breakfast for a couple of weeks.


For lunch I will be eating charcuterie with cheese, fruit, and nut packs. I will also be eating fruit and veggies along with that. This week I work 1-5:30 everyday so I will be eating lunch before I go into work. What I love about lunches like this is they are easy to eat while you’re getting things done around the house. I love snacking so it’s nice to incorporate that into a cohesive meal. Check out my guide to bento boxes for some more snack based meal options and a way to create a balanced snack based meal of your own.


For dinner I will be eating a steak with apple carrot slaw and rice. Last time I made my apple carrot slaw(see recipe here) I made way too much, so I decided to freeze the leftovers. When I thawed it I kicked it up with fresh yogurt, agave, and apple cider vinegar. I made the brown rice and quinoa mix in my Instant Pot(check out instructions here).


This week for snacks I am sticking to fruit and popcorn.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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