Weekly Update

This week has had its ups and downs, but mostly ups!

To begin I want to talk about how I did on the goals I set for myself in my post about taking control of your life. My first goal was drinking more water. I initially wanted to drink 70 oz of water, but I lowered that to 64 oz due to the fact that I typically drink out of a 12 oz water bottle and 40 oz water bottle. I have done very well with this goal. I drink 12 oz in the morning then switch to my 40 oz bottle throughout the day, then finish up with the 12 oz bottle again after dinner typically. I tend to drink more water because I set this goal.

My next goal was to drink less wine. I set the goal of sticking to only one glass a day. I did well the first couple of days, but the last couple of days I have struggled. I only drank 2 glasses. Maybe I need to look at this goal differently. Instead of limiting myself to a number, I should slow down and savor the wine. I drink less wine when I slow down to savor it.

My last goal was to read a book a week. This goal is very tricky to measure because when the week started I was towards the end of another book. I think I am just going to focus on reading more and not worry about how much. Some days and weeks allow for more reading time than others.

Next I want to talk about my eating. I’ve talked about how I eat a breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks, and 1 indulgence. For the first couple of days of the week I did really well. However, the last couple of days have been low days. One of the days I ate 1 more snack and 1 more indulgence than normal. Another day I had 3 indulgences. Even though I had these lows, I am staying positive. a couple extra indulgences and snacks won’t make me fat. I look at how one of those days I didn’t even eat an indulgence and a couple of those days I didn’t eat breakfast. The calories all even out. I just need to focus and know that if I lose hope I will never get to where I want to be. Getting back on track gets harder the more I lose hope.

My next subject had a lot of wins this week, my daily routine. I was able to complete the morning part of my routine perfectly every day! The middle part of my day was a little shaky, but I think I learned I need to plan less tasks, I can always add more when I complete what I’ve already planned. I was also able to complete the evening part of my routine perfectly!

Next I want to talk about how the posts I wrote this week have helped me change. Writing this blog has allowed me to reflect on why I do what I do. This allows me to acknowledge the behavior I want to change so that I can change it and grow into becoming a better person.

The first post I want to talk about is the post about enjoying your food. I alluded to this post above when I talked about my goal to drink less wine. If I savor my wine more I am likely to get more enjoyment and feel less need to drink more. I also thought of this post when eating. I had done well the first couple of days by slowing down when I eat and not putting more food in my mouth when I am still chewing the last bite. The last couple of days I wasn’t conscious of eating more slowly, so that is something I need to pay more attention to this week. I also attempted to make use of this post when I had the day where I ate 3 indulgences. I slowly ate each piece and enjoyed it, but I just kept reaching for more. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw an Instagram post that talked about the ideal times for each meal. It mentioned the ideal time for lunch is between 12-2 to keep hunger manageable and so your glucose doesn’t decrease too much. On the day that I ate 3 indulgences uncontrollably I didn’t eat lunch until about 3:30. This shows me the importance of snacks between meals when I am hungry to avoid future uncontrollable bad decisions!

The next post that affected me this week was my post about how emotions control your reaching for food when you’re not hungry. The feeling I focused on was fear of missing out. I did really well with this. A coworker offered a snack and I declined without much effort. Also, there were cupcakes in the break room and I didn’t even consider eating one. These choices weren’t even that hard!

Finally I want to talk about my post about everything getting easier. While that is true, you still need to put in the work. You can’t just assume you are going to avoid bad choices just because you did yesterday. You need to keep pushing and never lose control. I tend to shy away from control, so hopefully forcing myself to stay in control of my choices will really help me.

In conclusion…

I’ve learned a couple of things this week that I want to make sure you take away from this.

First, setting a goal to drink more water is the best way to drink more water. You will push yourself until you accomplish the goal.

Next, focus on setting an achievable goal. It is best to set small goals and slowly grow towards what you want to accomplish. However, it’s important to not enable yourself to give up too early. Push yourself to your breaking point, don’t give up before you face any difficulty.

Next, planning leads to success. I have gotten so much more productive this week after planning my daily routine. Not only do I feel better after accomplishing an entire day full of tasks, but I accomplish more.

Finally, I want to encourage you to always look at why you are making bad choices. The only way to turn bad choices into good choices is to figure out why you are making the bad choices in the first place.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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