Turn your Bad Habits into Good Habits

I recently read Rachel Hollis’s book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and was so inspired. If you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it! It was something that really helped inspire me to keep pushing towards my goal to grow this blog. One concept that I wanted to explore was building habits. Follow along as I share her 3 parts of a habit and how to train yourself to turn bad habits into good habits.

The first step in a habit is the “Cue”. The “Cue” is what causes you to take action. It is something that signals a certain learned behavior. It could be an emotion or an outside stimulus. Hollis used anxiety as an example. The cue can either cause you to make a good decision or bad decision. We tend to eventually choose the same action each time, which is where the habit is born. Turning a bad choice into a good choice comes from what action you take after you are cued.

The next step in a habit is the “Action”. The “Action” is your behavioral reaction to an emotion or outside stimulus. Hollis used binge eating as an example. I think her example is the reason I felt so connected to this definition of habit. Binge eating has become an action that I take for quite a few cues. This journey I am on has taught me that I have the power to change my actions.

The final step in a habit is the “Reward”. The “Reward” is what you get from the action. It is what makes you perform that behavior every time without even thinking. In Hollis’s example, the reward was feeling happier after binge eating. The problem with that reward to the bad choice was that it was temporary. She had anxiety, so she binge ate and felt better, then she had anxiety because she binge ate so she binge ate again. Her changed action was exercising instead of binge eating. Both actions resulted in the same reward, but the reward for exercise lasted longer than the reward for binge eating.

You can read this and move on, or you can read this and use it to change your life.

I challenge you to think about a bad habit you have and break it down. What cue is causing a bad habit to form. How can you turn that bad habit into a good habit. What reward will you get from the different actions taken to the same cue? Comment below!

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I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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