I am in control of my life and it’s an amazing realization

Recently I came to the realization that I am in control of my actions. I have realized that I can make any changes to my life that I want. All I need to do is follow through. If I don’t want to binge I can tell myself not to binge. My mind needs to work on being stronger than my actions.

Now that I’ve come to the realization that I am in control of my life and I can use that control to make changes in my life, I need to actually go forward and do that. Below I am going to talk about 3 goals of mine, how I can reach those goals, and how I am going to use the control I have over my actions to get to those goals.

Three goals I am working on right now are drinking less wine, drinking more water, and reading more. When working on goals it is important to have a specific goal. If you don’t know exactly what you are reaching for you won’t know how to get there. I want to cut down the amount of wine I drink to 1 glass per day. I want to get through at least 70 oz of water per day. I want to finish 1 book per week

These goals are very simple. They require a lot of willpower and require changes in my thoughts to accomplish. For the amount of wine I drink I need to think about when I am going to drink that wine. Typically once I have 1 glass of wine I continue to drink wine throughout the day. If I wait until right before bed it will help keep me at just 1 glass per day. I have mentioned in another post that it is important to enjoy the moment. I am going to see this glass of wine as a chance to sit down and relax. Cutting down on wine may actually help me increase my water intake. I typically have wine with my dinner, so if I am not drinking wine it opens up more time to drink water. I will keep track of how much water I drink per day and make sure I complete my goal of drinking 70 oz per day. Finally, I will need to add more reading time to my schedule. I typically read a chapter or less per day, but I really want to increase that so I can continue learning more to share with you! I will need to break down the book into 7 parts and read 1 per day.

While these goals seem simple, they are going to be difficult for me. They are going to show me just how much control I have over my actions. I need to take control and really focus on what I want to accomplish. If I do that, I can accomplish anything!

What are your goals and how are you going to take control of your life to reach those goals?

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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