First Weekly Update

In one of my first posts I talked about wanting accountability. Sharing an update with my progress weekly will keep me accountable for my choices. What better time to start than after a week full of wins!

This week has been full of so many wins. Despite being stressed out by not knowing when the quarantine will be over, I have stayed with my journey to wellness. I have not made food choices out of emotion. In fact, I haven’t even been that emotionally stressed by everything going on. Typically something like this would have me so stressed out and frantic because I have no idea when all of this will be over, but I am so thankful for how much this medication has helped. I do have my moments of anxiety, but they are few and far between.

I was reflecting about stressers this week and was worried that the decision to make healthy choices would never get easier. I thought that I would have to put as much effort in 3 months from now as I did in the beginning. This week I learned that this does get easier. Healthy choices have become a habit. Tomorrow I will share something that really helped, but for now I will leave it at the fact that things are becoming easier.

I may not be turning to food in my times of stress, but I have been turning to a lot of wine. This is something I had been hoping to work on, but I am going to not focus on it while I get through these stressful times.

I think because I have been finding activities that I enjoy like reading and writing I have been less bored. The lack of boredom means I don’t have time to sit around and want food that I’m not even hungry for. I realized that this week I have done almost no out of turn snacking. I allow myself a snack before lunch and before breakfast, but no more. Only once during this week did I add one extra snack in before bed. However, that snack was a controlled amount and I wasn’t completely stuffed. I am so proud of how much control I have gained over my eating habits throughout this journey!


Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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