Accidental Cheat Day

The last few days have been rough when it comes to having control of my eating. I had been doing so well. On Tuesday afternoon I had a little bit of weakness and had 2 treats instead of 1. On Wednesday I had an accidental cheat day and I was not happy with myself when I woke up Thursday morning.

Wednesday started out fine. Shortly after I got into work I found out my boss’s had brought in bbq for lunch. This was no big deal because I had been doing well and it would give me a chance to test out the skills I have learned. I started strong filling my plate with small portions and opting out of a bun for the pulled pork. I even avoided looking at the tempting bag of chips. I was hoping I would be able to stop myself once I was full. I was a little more full than I wanted to be when I cleared the plate, but I wasn’t in an awful place. My issue started when I found out there were cookies. I decided to allow myself to eat one. About an hour later a coworker announced she tried the cookie but didn’t like it so I finished that cookie too. Then later I decided to have another cookie. I was so mad at myself for giving into all the temptation.

For lunch Wednesday evening I met a friend for pizza and wine. I had half of the small pizza so that wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t very hungry so not a win either. The second I got to my car on the way home I grabbed the chocolate covered almonds I had then when I got home I didn’t even think before eating my last black bean brownie. I am ashamed of myself.

Something important to note is that it’s ok to have cheat days if they aren’t often. I find it helpful to reflect on my cheat days. I ask myself where everything went wrong and what kind of choices I could have made better. I also reflect on everything I ate. After reflecting on what I ate Wednesday I am not as mad at myself because it’s not nearly as much as I thought. It’s still good to know though I did not feel good after that day.

The most important thing about cheat days is that you need to forgive yourself and focus on moving forward and making healthy choices. One slip up doesn’t erase all of the progress. You are not your mistakes. I am feeling more positive today. As I write this there is a bag of cookies from Wednesday’s lunch staring at me and I haven’t felt tempted to grab one. It’s all about staying strong and focusing on your progress!

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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