Guide to Staying on Track

It is easy to stick to making healthy choices when you are in your normal routine.  However, things like vacation, holidays, and a busy week throw off the normal routine and require a little extra work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Allowing yourself some indulgence is ok, but it is important to limit those unhealthy choices to keep on track. Follow this guide for staying on track when you are thrown off your normal routine.

Plan Ahead

I can’t say enough how important planning ahead is when staying on track on the journey to wellness.  When jumping outside your normal routine you need to have a plan for your eating and fitness choices.


Think about when you are going to have time to schedule working out.  I like to plan for morning workouts to get it over with. If you do it in the morning you won’t be too busy to do it later. Even 10-15 minutes of time can be used for a workout and make a difference. Maybe throw in extra physical activity by walking everywhere or taking the stairs instead of elevator.  No matter how little it is, it will make a difference.


When it comes to nutrition it is important to plan ahead by having healthy snacks and making the decision to make healthy choices.  If you think about what you are eating before you eat it you can make sure you pick the healthy choices. With vacation, try doing your research and finding places with healthy menus.  During the holidays, try eating even healthier than normal when you can and limiting yourself to eating only when hungry. If there’s a holiday treat you absolutely love, but aren’t hungry, maybe take it to go or just have a small amount and eat it slowly to satisfy the taste.  During busy weeks plan ahead with healthy snacks to stave off binges.

Drink Water

A lot of times when you are outside of your normal routine, water is the last thing on your mind.  You are on the go and depending on where you are staying you may not have access to water as much as you do at home.  Plan ahead by carrying a water bottle wherever you go. If you are planning ahead when thinking about water you are more likely to drink water.  Set a goal for how much water to drink, you are more likely to drink more water if you make it a competition for yourself. Water will help you feel better during and after your trip, especially if you overindulge in unhealthy choices.

Stay Strong

Making healthy choices is very possible.  It is all mind over matter. The most important thing to remember is that you are in control of your decisions. If you take the time to think before eating EVERYTHING you will see when you are making decisions out of emotion or out of hunger.  On vacation and during the holidays you need to just focus on staying strong. Some indulgence is ok, but be strong and make healthy decisions the majority of the time. 

Plan the Return to Your Normal Routine

It’s inevitable that you are going to make unhealthy choices during vacations and holidays.  That’s what they are all about right?! Before these tough times it is important to think about how you are going to return to your regular routine after.  I like juice cleanses because they are a reset for your mind and body. Juice cleanses are also great for cutting out any extra water weight you may have gained.  Not interested in that? Try some sort of healthy eating cleanse where you cut out certain items from your diet for a few days. By planning for after vacation and holidays you can feel better knowing that the abundance of unhealthy options won’t last forever.  You also won’t hate on yourself so much because you already have a plan for getting back on track.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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