Always Be a Better You

Lately I’ve really been focused on becoming the best me I can be. While I’m young, it’s time to take control of my life and make some changes. I’ve been looking at those I admire and trying to mimic them. I want to become less judgmental , less stuck up, less angry, and more patient.

To become less judgmental…I plan on correcting any judgmental thoughts as they come through my mind. By correcting the thoughts as they come up I will rewire my brain to automatically correct the thoughts before I even think them. After correcting those thoughts I will ask myself why I had them. When I get down to the bottom of why I had judgmental thoughts I will work on changing those reasons so I don’t continue to have judgmental thoughts.

To become less stuck up…I plan on using the same sort of idea as becoming less judgmental, but taking it a little bit farther. Judgment is in my head, being stuck up is more related to my actions. I will correct the judgmental thoughts and take it a step further by not allowing myself to take actions that come from those judgmental thoughts. For example, I won’t act colder to someone I deem “not good enough”. I tend to have judgmental thoughts based on looks, but I’ve realized that the people I admire don’t seem to care if someone’s hair is out of place or if they may be 10 lbs heavier. It’s not about what you look like and what you can do, it’s about the inside and how you treat other people.

To become less angry…I plan on taking deep breaths and thinking before reacting. When any sort of anger comes up I will try to take a deep breath and think before reacting. I may not be able to work through the anger in the moment, but I will try to at least make sure it appears as if I am not angry. Afterwards I will reflect on why I was angry and try to work through those thoughts so that I do not hold onto the anger.

To become more patient…I will work on thinking before reacting and get down to the bottom of why I am impatient. I will then talk myself through why I don’t need to be impatient. Being impatient will not get me to where I need to be any quicker.

How are you working on yourself?

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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