Make Your Own Juice Cleanse

I love juice cleanses.  They are a great way to get back on track after a period of making unhealthy choices.  The first juice cleanse I did was a 3 day juice cleanse and I made the mistake of doing it on the weekend when I had nothing to distract me from the desire to chew on something.  I recommend doing a juice cleanse during the week when you have plenty to distract you from how difficult it is to not eat solid food.

It is important that during your juice cleanse you make sure to drink plenty of water between juices.  The water was a nice relief from the juice during the cleanse and I came to crave water.  The more you drink water in general, the more you crave it. I lost a couple pounds and felt free of bloat during my first juice cleanse and days after . I made sure to continue that feeling by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

During the juice cleanse you will have 6 juices per day. Feel free to double or triple this plan to fit how many days you plan on doing the cleanse. For a couple of the juices I have included options so you can have different options the other days if you plan on doing a longer juice cleanse. 

Let’s be real, juice cleanses are expensive! Save money at home by using my recipes for your own juice cleanse at home. Follow along for the types of juices to make on a juice cleanse, recipes, grocery lists, and tips.

During a juice cleanse you typically do 6 juices a day, 1 every 2-2.5 hours.  I like to plan my juice schedule around work so one of the juices falls during my lunch time.  It is important to set a schedule for yourself that works best with your daily activities. Some people do a “cleanse til dinner”  program where you drink 4 juices then you eat a healthy dinner. That program works well especially if you find yourself needing the solid food.  Just make sure you keep that dinner very healthy. Here are the 6 types of juices to drink. The order is based on a couple local juice places and their cleanses, but I know I’ve seen cleanses that tell you to drink the juices in whatever order you want.

These recipes make quite a bit of nut milk, so either choose just one and use it a couple days in a row or cut the recipes down to fit how much you will drink.  If you have some left over they can be great in cereal, smoothies, protein shakes, and more!
These are the items I already have on hand. Depending on your pantry staples, the cost will go up or down.

Please note:  My home made grocery list costs does not take into account buying items in bulk.  A lot of times apples, oranges, lemons, and more can be bought in bulk at a much cheaper price.  It’s hard to know how many items are in each bag though so I did my pricing based on individual pricing.  The cost is still cheaper than store bought juice cleanses, but will be even cheaper once the bulk pricing is applied. You are welcome to substitute or leave off ingredients as desired.

The combined list costs a little bit less than the two separate lists because some things like celery and beets won’t be completely used up in just one juice.

I have not done this homemade cleanse as I am writing this, but I plan on trying it after my vacation coming up in a couple weeks to get back on track. I will be using the combined list and doing a 2 day cleanse. I will keep you updated with cost after taking into account bulk pricing.

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