Healthy Snack Guide

The key to avoiding unhealthy choices is having healthy snacks on hand.  I always get hungry between meals, so I like to make sure I prepare. If I’m not prepared I will more than likely end up grabbing something that isn’t very healthy. Follow along for some of my favorite healthy snacks to keep on hand.

Fruit has a natural sweetness that can help reduce the cravings for treats with added sugars.  It is definitely one of my favorite snacks. Dip fruit in peanut butter, fruit dip, hazelnut spread, etc for even more of a treat. Maybe even do a fruit smoothie and take it on the go.

I’ll admit, veggies are definitely not my favorite snack. They are, however, good for me so I have found ways to enjoy them. Raw veggies give a nice crunchy texture. They also have a high water content that helps fill me up until my next meal. My favorite way to eat them is with dips. Dipping veggies into dips helps me satisfy the craving for chips and dip. I am always looking for healthy alternatives to my favorite guilty pleasures.

Nuts are a great way to fill up and add some extra protein and healthy fats.  Try making your own trail mix by adding dried fruits and dark chocolate. I like to make my own dried fruits so I can control how much sugar goes into them. You can also try nut butters or nut milk. Nut butters go great with fruit or carrots and celery. Nut milk goes great in smoothies and protein shakes, or you can drink it by itself.

While yogurt may not always be low calorie, it is high protein and comes in a variety of different flavors. When I eat yogurt I get the same satisfaction as when I eat pudding or ice cream. My favorite is Yoplait’s Oui french style yogurt. I also like to pair plain greek yogurt with agave and berries. Sometimes I will add granola. I prefer to make my own granola so I can control exactly what I’m eating. Making your granola is super easy and it’s fun to be able to customize it exactly the way you want!

Cheese and meat are great low carb snacks. They are also high in protein and keep you fuller longer. Pair these with fruit for the perfect combination! Create your own combo or buy one of the many readily available meat and cheese snack packs found in deli sections.

I love juice. There are so many different varieties so I never get bored of it. It fills you up and keeps you hydrated. I prefer to make my own, but you can always buy some. When buying juice, make sure you pay attention to the ingredients. Always buy your juice in the refrigerated section, the shelf stable juice is full of preservatives.

Published by Jes Short

I'm just a girl working on her journey to wellness, both physically and mentally.

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